Are you thinking of amplify your brand messages?
Do you want to escalate your customer journey?
Maybe you want to stand out from the market with a unique natural aroma?

Merge with natural cosmetic experiential marketing and charming nature scents, we
use different combinations of essential oils to offer a a balanced and pleasant scent.
We focus on enriching your customer journey and providing different forms of five
sense experiences to your customers and club members.

Private Labeling

We do more than fulfill your business needs. We provide OBM/ ODM/ OEM service from design, formulate to manufacture products with cooperate your unique marketing strategies. Delightful scents make more opportunities of memory; the atmosphere is able to create unique memory and experiential values for commercial labels. We respond efficiently from product development to delivery.



  • Business Consultation

  • Research, Formulation & Packaging sourcing

  • Sample Development

  • Justify and Reformulation

  • Production & Delivery

Health & Wellness Workshop

Our international certified Aromatherapist designs interesting and interactive workshops to engage, educate, and motivate your team, customers or club members. They can feel and interact throughout the experience. Workshops can be held in your company or club on your most favorable schedules. Through our expertise, various topics benefit both personal and your brand in different ranges to,

  • Add membership value

  • Gain member loyalty

  • Increase member engagement

  • Enjoy a relaxing and fun activity

  • Learn about holistic healing

  • Improve mental health

  • Improve creativity

  • Enhance family relationship

Workshop theme:

  • Gift crafting for family and kids

  • Gift crafting for personal lifestyle

  • Woman’s health & beauty

  • Body remedy

  • Mental remedy

Fresheal Aromatherapy

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