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Fresheal Aromathearpy is a professional Aromatherapy brand integrates herbals, aroma, science, health, beauty and treatments into a holistic healing. Supported by International certified aromatherapist, we provide custom blended service by taking a
symptom-focused approach with pure and therapeutic ingredients for each individual concern.

We select to use responsible and superior grade ingredients which the plants grow in the most preferred soil, climate and environment around the globe. The botanical plants deliver the best therapeutic effects to clarify, balance and rejuvenate your skin, body mind and

Our mission in helping you to achieve a healthy and beautiful life, stay away from harmful chemicals, antibiotics or steroids.

We share knowledge and provide education about the reality behind the cosmetic industry, benefits of each botanical ingredients, as well as health and beauty secrets.









Pamper yourself because nobody will

Our synergistic blends create a powerful effect from clarifying to refreshing and rejuvenating without using Synthetic and harmful chemicals/ Controversial preservatives/ Petroleum or Mineral oil/ Silicone/ Alcohol/ Artificial fragrance and colorings.


Aromatherapy suggests that it is a form of healing which works exclusively through our sense of smell, and through absorption via skin. It is the practice of using the essential oils and hydrosols extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a healing plant which have proven powerful effects on improving physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. 


Each essential oil has unique therapeutic properties which interact with the body’s chemistry. Some oils soothe pain, reduce inflammation, and maintain a healthy respiratory system. While others improve sleep quality and reduce stress.


In skincare products, essential oils benefit on optimizing the cellular renewal process, relieving symptoms of infections and allergies, addressing problems such as acne, eczema and aging skin.

Our Product Commitment

Chloe Chan

Founder of Fresheal Aromatheraphy

When look back to 8 years ago, our founder, Chloe Chan, spent lots of money on luxury skin care products, BUT she experienced no benefits for her skin. Her doctor diagnosed her in serious Anxiety disorder due to high-pressure work environment.

When she experienced Aromatherapy, her anxiety disorder got improved day by day, and her skin became brighten-up and less pimples. These amazing results drove her to study and figure out the mechanism behind Aromatherapy.

Now, Chloe is a International Certified Aromatherapist, IFPA(UK) & NAHA(US) and a certified soap teacher. She combines aromatherapy, anatomy, physiology and pathology to conduct research and practice in daily life, with her expertise in essential oil science and comprehensive health knowledge to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful life

Unlock the best version of YOU - by Chloe

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